Looks like I picked the wrong week to peel citrus when robbing a place

My hockey coaching trademark is this: eating a couple of oranges and a grapefruit behind the bench.

airplane.glueI’m just standing there, yelling out a few things (but I’m not much of a yeller) so I eat citrus.

When I first met Amy she was horrified that I would leave grapefruit peels on the floor of her SUV.

After burglarizing a home in Fresno of $4,000 worth of jewelry and electronics, the two suspects peeled off in an SUV.

But the pair apparently picked the wrong place to get a boost of vitamin C.

Fresno County sheriff’s officials said on the floor of one of the rooms the suspects left peels from a “unique citrus fruit” called Tangelos. Traces of the fruit were found less than a week later, on Tuesday morning, when a deputy located an SUV the suspects were known to borrow.

Later that day, in the afternoon, a Fresno County sheriff’s detective stopped Patrick Kasper, 22, and his girlfriend, Dianna Henson, 20, as they walked near Highway 99 and Olive Avenue. The pair, whom sheriff’s officials described as having “extensive criminal histories,” were wanted on felonies.

The person stopped in the SUV on Tuesday morning was not one of the burglary suspects, sheriff’s officials said, but the vehicle was used by Kasper and Henson “to get around.”

And inside the SUV, officials found Tangelos, a hybrid of a tangerine and a grapefruit — the same fruit that the burglary suspects enjoyed while police say they were burglarizing the Fresno home.

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