Tennessee restaurant manager ‘unaware’ of food safety requirements

A series of food safety violations were found at a breakfast and lunch cafe in North Knoxville and that includes one violation we’ve never seen before.

Rami’s CafeThe inspector spent quite a long time, according to her report, checking this restaurant mainly because there were so many different violations and quite a lot of discussion went on with the manager.

Rami’s Cafe, 3553 N. Broadway – Grade: 74

While the grade of 74 is passing, a re-inspection is required within a week or so.

The inspector reports food temperatures were off. Chili was found at 120 degrees and mashed potatoes were at 105 degrees, but 135 degrees and above is the required temperature to slow the growth of bacteria which is the leading cause of food borne illness. The inspector ordered the mashed potatoes thrown out.

The inspector writes that she found a soiled rag on top of the grill were food is prepared. She also found cooked bacon that was ready to be served, on top of a soiled rag.

The inspector writes that she watched the cook place raw hamburgers on the grill then began touching several utensils without washing his hands first. While preparing a sandwich, the cook also touched a ready-to-ear sandwich with his bare hands without washing his hands first.

The inspector writes there was “no managerial control.” WATE 6 On Your Side has not seen this violation in a health report before.

As part of the process during each inspection, restaurant managers are asked questions about how to manage risk factors. In her report the inspector writes, the manager at Rami’s was “unaware” of food safety requirements. She recommended that the manager attend the county’s free food safety class held every month.