Restaurant inspection Czech style

Newly-released health ministry data shows a marked increase in mandated closures of Czech food establishments by health and safety inspectors. During 2015, 259 restaurants and other food establishments were ordered closed across the county for various hygiene-related violations.

czech.restaurantAround 23,000 inspections of eateries were carried out last year, according to official figures from the ministry of health’s food hygiene inspectorate, which is headed by chief hygiene officer Vladimir Valenta:

“The main violations related to operational safety, for example permitting clean and unclean items to mix; also shortcomings in sanitation procedures, poor cleaning routines, and equipment in poor condition.”

In total, CZK 13 million in fines were levied for unhygienic conduct spanning around 4,500 violations. In 919 specific cases, establishments were ordered to immediately address food safety shortcomings. Mandated closures were up by 105 in comparison to 2014.

During 2015, hygiene inspectors also banned 2,000 persons from working in the food service industry for endangering public safety.