Restaurant inspection disclosure in Dublin: Bad food, bad regulation or bad journalism?

The Dublin Inquirer reports that last week, Dublin’s burrito lovers were bereft.

little-ass-burrito-bar-dublin-ireland-E7RXY5Two of the city centre’s most popular burrito bars, Little Ass Burrito Bar at 32a Dawson Street and Mama’s Revenge at 12 Leinster Street South, were issued with closure orders.

This was according to the rote media reports we often get, listing the names of restaurants hit with such orders, and not very much more.

But both burrito bars are open now, serving wraps of rice and beans with pulled pork and all the trimmings. There won’t be any shortage of Mexican grub any time soon.

So what really happened there? And what does it say about how the media covers Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) closure orders?




The FSAI’s Jane Ryder says there’s no need to provide any extra information on press releases to separate serious breaches from minor breaches.