Dozens of UK wedding guests struck down by Norovirus

Axl Rose belting out that wedding favorite, Highway to Hell, would be enough to make me barf.

axl.roseBut for dozens of wedding guests at the Stone House Court Hotel, it was Norovirus, over two days last week.

Hundreds of guests visited the restored country house for weddings on Friday and Saturday to celebrate their loved ones tying the knot and send them on their honeymoon.

But shortly after the festivities dozens of people became very ill.

After an investigation the hotel says the cause was an outbreak of Norovirus.

One guest, who asked not to be named, said the bride’s mother as well as several members of her own family were struck down.

“My brother and his children got really ill after the wedding, it was awful,” she said.

“It was appalling. You wait for so long and pay so much for a nice wedding and this happens .

“There were 120 guests but I am not sure how many got ill but there were a lot. It’s a terrible thing to happen.”