‘Maybe you’re not used to spicy food’ SinCity Thai shut down after customers complain of foodborne illness

SinCity Thai Restaurant was shut down after receiving several customer complaints of foodborne illness. 

SinCity ThaiAccording to the complaint filed May 10, three customers that ate the beef pad thai and chicken pad thai reported diarrhea hours later. 

13 Action News spoke to the manager of SinCity Thai, Unchanlee Karnchai, who said the customers may not be used to the spicy food. 

“It could be the food or because they cannot handle the spicy food,” said Karnchai. 

After the complaints, the Southern Nevada Health District went in to investigate. 

In a report, they found multiple violations, including, a sanitizer bucket that was originally on the floor was moved near a food prep area next to a cutting board and green onions. 

They also found multiple food that was left at room temperature. Including, thawing beef that sit next to dirty dishes and waste. 

“Employees hadn’t been trained on what they had to do that day,” Karnchai explained. 

There were also several employee violations, including, employees not washing their hands and the kitchen hand sink did not have soap or paper towels.