Simplicity may mean ‘deliciousness’ but not safetiness

Deliciouness is a subjective thing. Microbiologically safe is more of a data-driven thing, or a does-it-make-you-barf thing. China Post reports 100 renowned local chefs gathered at Four Four South Village (四四南村) on May 1, vowing unanimously to be the safeguards of food safety, as part of the promotion for the Taiwan Culinary Exhibition (台灣美食展) that is to kick off in August this year.

Thirty of them displayed onsite how to prepare dishes that are low in sugar, salt and oil, all with seasonal foods, which manifests their determination to protect the health of the more than 70 percent of the people in Taiwan who eat out on a regular basis.

Janice Lai (賴瑟珍), chairwoman of Taiwan Visitors Association (台灣觀光協會), stated during the event that one of the reasons why the association holds the exhibition is that it hopes to bring visitors back to a time when simplicity meant deliciousness. In addition, it is also hopes that the exhibition will be a platform for restaurant-goers, chefs, farmers and government to exchange ideas and suggestions, added Lai.

Shu-TiChiou (邱淑媞), director-general of the Health Promotion Administration (國民健康署), complimented the event, saying “Tourists can now eat without worrying about food safety.”

Does that mean that up until May 1, 2016, tourists dined in justified fear?