G turns to D: From one chord to another

It was 20 years ago today that Sloan released their third album, One Chord to Another.

I first heard the song, Everything You’ve Done Wrong, driving home from Florida with the family and said, that sounds like Sloan. But it doesn’t. And I like it.

That album/CD would become a mainstay of my lab as I became a shiny, happy professor in Sept. 1996.

I’ve had lots of nostalgia in the past few weeks, hanging out with some long-time food safety buddies (the best way to fix food safety – close all the takeaways and fire all the vets), chilling in France, being quoted on food safety for Ramadan in a publication in Pakistan, and getting interviewed for a professoring job.

But nostalgia only goes so far.

I will always (attempt) to teach someone to skate.

I never turn down a request from students (but almost always from bureaucrats).

I love my wife and children.


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