Sydney restaurant curing meat outdoors on clothes hangers

A Chinese restaurant in Sydney has been filmed curing their meat on clothes hangers outdoors near garbage bins and a busy major road.

meat.cloths.lineHung Cheung Restaurant sits underneath Sydney Airport’s flight path at Marrickville, in the city’s Inner West.

The restaurant’s methods of curing pork belly came to A Current Affair’s attention after several nearby residents sent pictures to the show’s producers.

When A Current Affair travelled to the restaurant, the pork could be seen hanging on clothes hangers in the rear of the premises.

The restaurant’s manager attempted to deny that the meat belonged to them, instead claiming it was a tenant who lived above the restaurant curing their pork.

However, hearing what was happening, the restaurant’s upstairs tenant came outside and denied the meat was his.

“No man, it’s theirs,” the tenant said.

Tipped off by A Current Affair, food inspectors from the newly-formed Inner West Council arrived.

One minute later, the meat was removed from the clothes hangers.

Inner West Council had identified issues that were non-compliant with food safety standards. Air drying food outside was not one of the offences.

“Breaches of the Food Act were identified and enforcement action including issuing an on the spot fine and serving an improvement notice have been undertaken, on issues identified as non-compliant with food safety standards,” a spokesperson for Inner West Council told A Current Affair.

“These however were not related to the allegation of air drying food.”