Ohio media type agrees to eat poop after NFL pick

The family was watching hockey this morning (do the time change, the game started at 5 a.m. here), and I was showing Sorenne pictures of her with her step-sister at a Washington Capitals game about 2010, and Amy and I concluded, neither of us had been to Pittsburgh, neither of us had been to Cleveland.

Yet Cleveland rocks.

This is how crazy Americans are about football (gridiron for the Australians): The Cleveland Browns were down to Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen and USC quarterback Sam Darnold according to nearly every report until the final week before the 2018 NFL Draft. There was no buzz surrounding UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen or Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield.

ESPN Cleveland’s Aaron Goldhammer was so certain that Mayfield would not be the choice that he said he would “eat poop” if it happened.

Following the official announcement of Mayfield’s addition, Goldhammer manned up and agreed to follow through with the proclamation via ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

“I will eat the poop,” Goldhammer said.

Don’t eat poop.

And if you do, cook it.