Food Safety Fairytales: My life is an open book

I’ve always done the open stuff, where I put myself out there for criticism or praise or something else, 5 new chapters added, when people reminded me of things.

Anyone else wanna chip in?

Food safety is simple         Powell

Just cook it                            Powell

BSE                                      Bert

Cyclospora                                                                Ron (??)

Food safety programs ensure food safety                        Chapman

Training ensures safe food                                     Mancini

Five-second rule                                                       Schaffner

Sprouts are a health food                                       Powell

Cold-cuts should be served in aged care             Powell

Cantaloupe is a health food                                   Powell/Chapman

Labels are a meaningful way of communicating             Celia/Powell

Pasteurized products are safe                                Powell

Lettuce and leafy greens are a health food          Powell

Pet food is cooked and safe                                                Hammlet

Petting zoos are fun                                                 Erdozain

Piping hot is a food safety strategy                      Powell

Handwashing                                                           Michele

Celebrity chefs know food safety                          Powell

Raw is safe                                                                Powell

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