Tennesee restaurant closed temporarily for washing kitchen utensils in lake

A Chinese restaurant in Old Hickory was closed temporarily Tuesday by the Metro health Department after a video showed employees washing kitchen utensils in a nearby lake.

A video taken on Tuesday morning and posted to social media showed restaurant employees washing cooking utensils in Old Hickory Lake. The man who took the video, Lance Glover, said he recorded the incident around 7 a.m. Tuesday.

The video showed people cleaning what appears to be a fire grate in Old Hickory Lake. Glover’s video then shows the employees returning with the equipment to the restaurant.

The Metro Health Department shut down No. 1 Chinese Restaurant, located 1435 Robinson Rd., after inspectors visited the restaurant.

According to Victor Oguntimehin, the health inspector, the restaurant operators initially denied they washed items in the lake. The restaurant admitted to washing the utensils in the lake after Oguntimehin showed them Glover’s video.

Mary Capps, who fishes on Old Hickory Lake, told News 4 she has seen the employees cleaning “greasy grates” almost every morning.