Best to you, Jaucelynn

Happy birthday to Jaucelynn, daughter 2 of the 4 Canadian clan.

She’s now 30, with two sons, who each have fabulous hair, and can skate.

Jauce recently moved from suburbia Toronto to Lion’s Head, Ontario (that’s in Canada), and Fischer, I expect you to check in, and no killing cat stories.

I spoke with her yesterday, which is about the best I can do.

She works as a medical writer, and can work anywhere, so I guess all those years of thinking I had no impact may have had a minor impact.

I’m still pissed at her when she was 10-years-old and dumped a glass of water on a desktop Mac in 2000 and proclaimed she didn’t do it.

The computer died a month later.

I’m over it, love ya kid.