Best to you, Jaucelynn

Happy birthday to Jaucelynn, daughter 2 of the 4 Canadian clan.

She’s now 30, with two sons, who each have fabulous hair, and can skate.

Jauce recently moved from suburbia Toronto to Lion’s Head, Ontario (that’s in Canada), and Fischer, I expect you to check in, and no killing cat stories.

I spoke with her yesterday, which is about the best I can do.

She works as a medical writer, and can work anywhere, so I guess all those years of thinking I had no impact may have had a minor impact.

I’m still pissed at her when she was 10-years-old and dumped a glass of water on a desktop Mac in 2000 and proclaimed she didn’t do it.

The computer died a month later.

I’m over it, love ya kid.

Grandson #3; proud grandpa

As my brain fades away, I really just want to walk on the beach with my kids, grandkids, and little dog.

Canadian daughter 2-of-four has delivered grandson number 3.

I can only throw off girls, and the girls can only throw off boys.

Jasper is big and smiley for a 4-week-old, but even though he came in at 9.5 pounds, I remind mother Jaucelynn she was a 10-pounder.

And slept all night.

It’s a wonderful thing to see kids and students develop.

And Jauce is a writer, like her dad, so that’s sorta cool.

Food and Funny or Die

The talk and visits in Saskatoon were great, the U.S. citizenship interview in Kansas City was there, but the highlight of the latest trip was hanging out jauce.jordan.nov.12with 22-year-old daughter Jaucelynn at her place in Oakville, near Toronto (that’s in Canada).

The kid’s become a regular foodie, and I take pride in the regular, not food porn stuff. She made a crockpot full of brown beans from scratch for dinner Thursday, with bacon and pork chops, and I gave her some tips on how to make sure the navy beans were softer next time (I knew from experience, having made the same mistake about 20 times in the past).

I tried to show off my Australian with some oven-baked lamb chops on Friday, and Saturday we ordered Chinese because we were tired and lazy. But the best part was just walking around the neighborhood, hanging out, and then sharing food and conversation.

Her boyfriend, Jordan Toth, wasn’t around much because he was shooting some zombie weird-ass movie most of the weekend. But the boy has skills; he was the gaffer on this Funny or Die video that was shot in Hamilton (also in Canada), and, as Jaucelynn says,  is pretty much famous now.

Jaucelynn has two freezers and makes batches of lunches for Jordan to take to school or work. The fruit don’t fall from the tree, or insert appropriate cliché here.

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