Foodborne illness sidelines Elias

Devil’s star forward Patrik Elias returned to New Jersey Saturday with what he believes was a case of food poisoning and not related to hepatitis A or the flu.

Elias told the N.J. Star-Ledger,

"It just came on real quick. I had no symptoms before. I think it was just regular food poisoning, nothing related to hepatitis. I started feeling nauseous Friday morning. I had a nap before the game and by midnight I was vomiting and had a fever. I still have a little fever today, probably because of dehydration, but stomach-wise I feel much better. I ate some soup today. Hopefully, it will go away as quickly as it came on."

The story notes that it may indeed be food poisoning or the flu, but it is always a more serious matter with Elias. He contracted hepatitis A while playing in Russia during the 2004-05 lockout and missed the first 39 games of the ’05-06 season while recovering.