Olivia Munn suffers food poisoning after filming Predator in Vancouver

Olivia Munn, the 37-year-old actress, posted a selfie last week of her laying in bed to her Instagram story with a caption that read: ‘Back home (green check emoji). Food poisoning (two green check emojis).’

Munn had been in Vancouver earlier in the week filming scenes for her latest movie Predator, but it seems that she is happy to be back at her Los Angeles home in her own bed.

38 children from Alabama daycare hospitalized

So far 38 children from a Montgomery daycare center, all under the age of 10, have come to the Baptist South Medical Center emergency room with foodborne illnesses, and hospital officials anticipate more may be coming in later tonight. So far the hospital has not seen any illnesses that have appeared life-threatening.

sunnyside.daycare“As of about 30 minutes ago, we have admitted eight, and we are opening a unit specifically for these patients,” said hospital spokeswoman Merrill South at a little after 7 p.m. Tuesday night. “There is a possibility more will come in tonight. We really don’t know what that number may look like.”

The children came in exhibiting symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, but South said while doctors have determined it is a foodborne illness, there is still no diagnosis of what kind of food poisoning is involved.

While it is almost certain that it is something the children ate at Sunny Side Child Care Center, he said foodborne illnesses cover a large number of causes, and until they determine what the cause was it is difficult to speculate on the possible severity.


Temple crowd suffers food poisoning in India

At least 500 persons, majority of them children, were admitted in various hospitals in and around Kanhangad on Thursday following suspected food poisoning.

They are said to have taken food from a temple Attenganam, 15 km from Kanhangad, as part of the Shivaratri festival on February 13 and 14.  Condition of some of the victims was said to be critical.

Mother and daughter die, suspected food poisoning in Delhi

A 50-year-old woman and her daughter died and her son survived a suspected food poisoning allegedly after consuming food they bought from a nearby eatery in KR Garden in Jeevanahalli, Bengaluru north on Sunday night.

chicken-biriyaniThe deceased have been identified as Padmavathy, 50, a homemaker and her daughter Deepa, 22, a final year bachelor of arts students. The son of Padmavathy, son Satish, 27, working as a team manager with online e-commerce firm, Flipkart.

According to the police, the incident came to light during the early hours of Monday morning when a neighbour went to check on the family and found Deepa lying unconscious on her bed. He immediately informed the police who rushed to the spot and found Deepa dead.

Checking later it was found Padmavathy was admitted by Satish but was later declared dead while undergoing treatment in a hospital. Investigation into the tragedy revealed that the family had ordered Biriyani and noodles from a nearby eatery on Sunday night. The family dined together around 10 pm. While Padmavathy and Deepa ate noodles, Sathish ate Biriyani following which the trio complained of discomfort. Within no time, the three started vomiting. While Deepa went inside her room and slept after vomiting couple of times, Sathish rushed her mother to a nearby hospital owing to her deteriorating condition where later Padmavathy succumbed.

Poisoned food found at Gina Rinehart’s Pilbara mine

Australia’s Gina Rinehart was once the world’s richest woman, making a fortune on mining (now she is sixth).

am-w-contrary-20131001211540181206-620x349A police investigation into possible attempted poisoning is underway after a worker at a remote mining company construction site in Western Australia noticed a bad taste as he started eating a meal.

The contractor employee also noticed discolouring in a piece of fruit he was served on Monday at the dining hall at the Pilbara site run by mining magnate Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill company. He alerted staff who contacted police.

Analysis of the food item confirmed the presence of a dangerous chemical late on Wednesday, but it appears to be an isolated incident, with no similar reports since, police said.

It is not known what the intent of the poison was, or if there was a specific target.

Major crime squad detectives are investigating.

FIFA food poisoning

Perhaps to elevate the eternal boredom of soccer, at least 40 volunteers at the World Cup were sickened with food poisoning on Saturday.

colbert.soccerMeals are provided to Fifa by the company ‘Taste, based in Campinas, and undergo a process of SUPER before being sent by truck from St. Paul to the cities’ housing Coppadel the world, said Andre ‘Godoy. The case of food poisoning in Brasilia and ‘was so far the only reported the organization of the World Cup. “

68 students sick; pasta bolognese probable source at school

Sixty-eight people, mostly students, were victims of food poisoning, probably from eating pasta bolognese in the canteen of a private vocational school in Yvelines, 50 km west of Paris.

A communications officer with the school said, “65 people were taken to hospitals to pasta bologneseundergo additional tests and all have returned home or boarding with treatment.”

The people who ate the pasta carbonara did not get sick but the school administration also says there had been cases of gastroenteritis for several days in the school.

School meals are cooked on site. 

Rajneeshees: commune that purposely poisoned 750 diners in 1984 Oregon is now Christian youth camp

Mara Bovsun of the New York Daily News recounts the story of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who breezed into rural Oregon in the early 1980s to spread love, enlightenment and, for those who did not believe, a little bit of salmonella.

Excerpts below:

On Sept. 17, 1984, the Wasco County health department fielded what seemed a routine call, a case of food poisoning after dinner at a restaurant in arts-graphics-2008_1130134athe town of The Dalles. It was nothing out of the ordinary; from time to time some bacterium makes its way into someone’s salad.

But this was different. The phones kept ringing with reports of people falling ill after eating in local restaurants. Within a week, the Centers for Disease Control pinpointed salmonella typhimurium. By then there were more than 750 cases in a town of 10,000.

CDC sleuths determined that the mass poisoning was not the result of poor food handling, but a deliberate attack by an invading army, clad in red, that had set up a base in Oregon three years earlier. They were known as the Rajneeshees, followers of the charismatic spiritual leader from India.

The man who would become known to the world as the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was born Chandra Mohan Jain in 1931, son of a cloth merchant from central India. When he was 7, the death of his grandfather traumatized him. As he grew up, he prided himself on never establishing attachments, which gave him the freedom to do whatever he wanted to anyone.

While he was in college his behavior became so bizarre that his parents tried to get him psychiatric help. Instead, in 1953, he became enlightened and found his life’s work — guru.

There, on a place formerly known as the Big Muddy ranch, the Baghwan built his American empire. It would eventually attract about 2,000 followers, dubbed “sannyasins,” all draped in the signature color of the cult — red — and wearing beaded necklaces with a picture pendant of their guru. Followers came from wealthy and elite circles, including Hollywood heavyweights and heiresses from such companies as Learjet and Baskin Robbins.

They paid generously for their path to fulfillment. The Bhagwan lived like a maharaja, with a fleet of 93 Rolls-Royces and piles of jewelry, mostly diamond-encrusted Rolex watches.

He lived in seclusion, emerging every so often to ride in one of his cars, and spoke to only one person, his trusted aide Ma Anand Sheela, 31.

The salmonella-in-the-salad-bar attack, is the largest act of bioterrorism on U.S. soil. That scheme was a practice run for a massive attempt to incapacitate Oregon voters by slipping bacteria into the water supply.

160 sick; Food company suffers from food poisoning in S China

A total of 160 staff from a food company in south China’s Guangdong Province were suspected of suffering from food poisoning, a company source said on Wednesday.

They had symptoms of chills, fever, nausea, vomiting, stomach ache and diarrhea after having dinner at the third canteen of the Dongguan Hsu Chi Dongguan Hsu Chi Food Co. LtdFood Co. Ltd based in Dongguan City on Monday, said Sun Tianzhen, a media relations officer of Hsu Fu Chi International Ltd. told Xinhua.

Xinhua Net reports Dongguan Hsu Chi Food Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hsu Fu Chi International Ltd.

A 57-year-old female plate washer at the canteen was found dead at her dormitory on Tuesday but it is yet to know whether her death is connected with food poisoning or not, said Sun.

The woman had asked for leave on Sunday and Monday.