Salmonella in Sweden: no “shit sample from the flock”

Sweden’s English language newspaper, The Local, reported today that 12 people in the Gävle region have contracted salmonella poisoning after eating infected eggs imported from Poland.

The story explains that as salmonella is common in Poland, a special certificate is needed when importing eggs to Sweden to prove that a particular batch is not infected with the bacteria.

Food administration inspector Pontus Elvingsson said tests are generally carried that include "shit samples from the flock."

Certificates obtained by wholesalers at Årstahallarna in Stockholm contained information that was false.

The administration believes that those infected in the eastern town may have fallen ill after eating mayonnaise made with the Polish eggs.

The National Food Administration (Livsmedelverket) said that eggs from the same batch have also been sold in Sollentuna, Botkyrka and Stockholm.