You can’t have three breasts at KFC – it’s two breasts and a leg … or else

A KFC manager hurled cooking oil, gravy and a metal chip drainer at a customer who complained after a server insisted he could only have two breasts and a leg in his meal, screaming,

"You’ll get what you’re given” and calling the customer a "motherf***er."

The Mirror reports that stunned families watched on in disbelief.

Police were called and both men were arrested at the restaurant and given £80 fixed penalty fines.

The customer said,

"That was the most expensive fast food meal I ever had. I got a battering from the Colonel. I just can’t believe how rude the KFC staff were. The manager was swearing at me and insulting my mum. When I swore back it became a free for all. I was no angel in all this and responded when sworn at. But I’m now pursuing KFC for compensation for my ruined clothing."

The 26-year-old manager has been suspended while KFC bosses carry out an investigation into the incident at Ealing, West London.

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