Everyone’s got a camera (or a story): UK KFC edition involving a rat

KFC outlet was forced to close after a rat ran though a chip service area, prompting a staff member to scream and customers to yell “there’s a rat,” a mother claims.

Chris Knight of the UK Mirror reports the rat, allegedly darted through the chips and quickly disappeared from sight under the fryer.

The Wallsend branch on High Street West was quickly closed temporarily as the fast-food giant scrambled on the “rat issue” the council have confirmed.

Sam, 21, from Wallsend, said: “The rat literally ran across where they put the chips in a bag.

“The woman behind the counter started screaming, and everyone started shouting ‘there’s a rat’.

“Everyone behind the counter was just shocked as we all were.

“They were just stood there scared.

“The floor was absolutely filthy – there would not be a rat if it was clear area, it was absolutely disgusting.

“I’m just happy I didn’t get given my food before, I would have ended up being sick.”

Refunds were issued to customers before all guests including Sam, partner James Butcher and newborn son Tommy, were ushered out as the restaurant closed its doors at about 6pm on October 4, Chronicle Live reports.

Mum-of-one Sam said: “I heard six hours later it was re-opened, which I think is really bad.

“You hear about rats carrying diseases, so why would you re-open that day?

“Even if it came from outside, you should not have a rat in a food restaurant.

“Now this has happened, I will never go back.”

A North Tyneside Council spokesman confirmed KFC contacted Environmental Health and called in pest control before re-opening that evening.

The spokesman said: “KFC proactively informed Environmental Health on October 4 of the appropriate and timely actions they had taken to resolve the rat issue.

“The company closed the premise immediately, disposed of all food on display and called in a pest control contractor.

“A food safety officer visited the premise to confirm that there was no rat activity and that appropriate preventative measures had been taken.”

KFC is yet to comment despite requests.


Brisbane KFC fined $45000 after 2015 inspection

Kate McKenna of The Courier Mail reports a Brisbane City Council health inspector not-so-finger-licking good things at a KFC store in Chermside shopping centre’s food court in March 2015.

kfc-massacreFast food restaurant operator Collins Restaurants Management was slapped with a $45,000 fine in the Brisbane Magistrates Court earlier this month after pleading guilty to six breaches of food health laws.

According to court documents, an audit on March 4, 2015, uncovered live cockroaches in locations around the kitchen including on the surface under the preparation bench, and beneath the wall capping next to the crumbing station.

The council officer found a live cockroach found on the door handle of the freezer that stored the chips, as well as 30 to 40 live critters under the gravy and mash potato bain-marie.

Other violations included no warm running water at the only hand-wash basin in the premises and a build-up of food waste on the floor.

Council prosecutor Mark Thomas said there was substantial cockroach activity in a number of places, and council was seeking a $55,000 fine against CRM, which had no prior convictions.

Ralph Devlin, QC, for CRM, said the open nature of food courts posed unique issues for food retailers because pest control could drive insects from one spot to another.

He said the company had taken swift action and closed the store following the discovery, threw out stock, stripped and cleaned equipment, and enlisted pest control to “mist” the area.

Acting Magistrate Robert Walker handed down a $45,000 fine and decided not to record a conviction against the company.


Deeply weird files: KFC India adds phone charger to chicken boxes

I’ve complimented McDonald’s on being the only place for years one could get free wi-fi in Australia (still building the NBN I guess). We’ve gone to other local fast food joints when the power’s out, I’ve scammed free wi-fi from the random streets of France almost a decade ago (the VW dealer outside our friends’ apartment was uncharacteristically reliable) .

kfc_620x310Times have changed.

Kentucky Fried Chicken in India is so attuned to their customers’ needs they have crafted a meal box that comes with a pre-charged USB plug.

If you are planning to go to a local KFC there and order a box of chicken, you potentially don’t need to charge your phone ahead of time because you just might be handed a chicken box that will come with everything you need to stay connected during your meal.

The “Watt-A-Box” program, which the U.S.-based chain’s India branch launched in Delhi and Mumbai, is advertising its benefits with a ridiculous commercial that addresses the date planning interrupted by a dead phone situation described above.

While the limited edition boxes aren’t part of the regular menu, some were given away as part of an online competition, and some KFC fans received them as a bonus surprise from selected stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

Secret recipe ingredient: Shock after KFC customer discovers fly eggs in NZ meal

In a Facebook post, Sarah-jane Williams says she found fly eggs embedded inside the popcorn chicken she ordered from the KFC restaurant in Pukekohe, south Auckland.

kfcfly.eggs.jan.16Popcorn chicken is a popular KFC product made of “bite-size” pieces of fried chicken.

Williams wrote a public post on a Facebook group page on Friday, saying: “I brought popcorn chicken from Pukekohe KFC today for lunch and I found [a] nice surprise in with some of it. Some fly eggs.”

She later made a complaint on KFC’s Facebook page.

KFC responded on Facebook: “We’re really concerned to see this and we need to investigate this with you.”

Food giants’ low food hygiene ratings in Wales

KFC in Pontypool was given a zero score by the Food Standards Agency, the worst rating meaning urgent action is needed.

KFC in PontypoolCo-operative stores in Pontardawe, Porth, and Birchgrove, Cardiff scored one, along with Subway in Queen Street, Cardiff and Harvester in Cardiff Bay.

Costa in Brecon, Tesco cafe in Maesteg and Asda in Aberdare had a two rating.

That means improvement is necessary.

There are more than 26,000 businesses in Wales which have ratings, of which more than 1,400 had a two rating or below. The highest score is five.

Russel Smith, chief operating officer, KFC UK, said: “I was extremely disappointed by the rating this restaurant received, which is completely unacceptable.

“We took immediate action to return the restaurant to the standards we demand and are awaiting a re-inspection which we are sure will reflect this.”

Always cameras: South Africa KFC branch shuts after images go viral

Fast food franchise KFC has announced its store in Braamfontein has been closed until further notice after images of staff “washing chickens” on a dirty floor surfaced on social media this week.

kfc.wash.chickenA Facebook user posted images of what appeared to be KFC staff in Braamfontein allegedly taking chicken pieces out of containers, placing them on a concrete floor and hosing them down.

The person who posted the images, Mfumo Bamuza, received them from an anonymous Joburg resident who took them from the balcony of his Clifton Heights flat in Braamfontein.

In the two images, staff can be seen using a hose to spray a large volume of water on to the uncooked chicken pieces.

In one image, blood and water can be seen streaming across the floor.

Bamuza captioned the picture: “KFC Braamfontein comrades!!! This is how they wash your meat. On the ground!!!!! Photocred goes to a south point (Clifton Heights) resident. #knowwhatyoueat.”

Going public: Why did KFC let a TV crew inside its chicken operation?

BBC television, according to Bloomberg Business, is about to give viewers an in-depth look at how KFC raises, kills, and serves millions of chickens to its British customers every year.

kfc.chickenThe fast-food chain gave BBC journalists access to its operations for a three-part documentary, The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop, which starts airing tonight in prime time on the network’s flagship channel.

Was that smart?

British news outlets are already expressing dismay over a BBC trailer and photos that show thousands of chickens being raised in vast sheds on a poultry farm that supplies KFC. The chickens “walk around in their own excrement” before being slaughtered and chopped up, was the none-too-appetizing summary provided by the Daily Mail newspaper. The Independent quoted an animal-rights activist who called the conditions “wretched.” 

The trailer itself is pretty merry, with KFC staff appearing to enjoy the work and the camaraderie.

“At KFC, we are extremely proud of our culture and how we operate the business in the U.K. and Ireland,” including “robust internal quality standards,” a representative for KFC wrote. “When approached to take part in the documentary, we thought it was a rare opportunity to open our doors and share our behind-the-scenes story with the British public.”

The airing of the documentary dovetails with a push by KFC to update its menu and restaurant décor in Britain. KFC appears to be channeling Chipotle Mexican Grill, as it ditches its signature red-and-white plastic look for a trendy new interior design while introducing burritos this month.

Chinese meat supplier of McDonald’s and KFC gets the ax

The Chinese outlets of McDonald’s and KFC have stopped using meat from a Shanghai company after a local television news program accused the supplier of using chicken and beef past their expiration date, triggering an investigation by local food safety officials.

UnknownThe program, aired on Shanghai-based Dragon TV on Sunday evening, showed hidden camera footage of workers at a meat-processing facility operated by Shanghai Husi Food using out-of-date chicken and beef to make burger patties and chicken products for McDonald’s and KFC, in some cases scooping up meat that had fallen onto the assembly line floor and throwing it back into a processing machine.

In response, the Chinese units of McDonald’s and KFC both said in news releases posted from their official Sina Weibo social messaging accounts that they had halted use of all products from Shanghai Husi, which is owned by the OSI Group, based in Aurora, Ill.

Of course it was Wales: KFC suspends Cardiff staffer after Facebook post claims she laced meal with pubic hair

I nag my five daughters about being careful what they post on Facebook, probably the same way my parents nagged me to stop being such an asshole.

A message on Facebook’s “Spotted Cardiff” page alleged a worker sabotaged a customer’s meal in revenge for rudeness, Walesonline reports.

kfcSpotted Cardiff is a page for Facebook users who “need to get something off (their) chest?”

The anonymous post appears to target a group of females who had threatened a female staff member at the Cardiff Excelsior Road drive-through in the UK because she “needed to smile more”.

The post said: “After over hearing the way you spoke to my girl on the head set be picking pubes out your teeth for a week.”

A spokeswoman for KFC told Walesonline: “We have investigated this incident and although there was an altercation in the drive-through between the customers and a member of our team, we do not believe the food was contaminated in any way.

“We have the highest standards of food hygiene and do not tolerate even the suggestion of this kind of behavior, and therefore the employee was suspended as soon as the matter came to our attention.”

KFC restaurant in UK prosecuted for selling undercooked food

It wasn’t piping hot.

A fast food restaurant in Northwich has been prosecuted for selling undercooked food which was eaten by a three-year-old child.

Queensway Hospitality Limited, which operates the KFC premises at Chesterway under franchise, admitted placing an unsafe mini chicken fillet burger on the market.

kfc.ukCheshire West and Chester Council prosecuted the company following a complaint to food safety officers concerning an incident on February 2, 2013.

Last Thursday (May 1), Chester Magistrates Court heard that a customer bought a mini chicken fillet burger meal from the restaurant’s drive-thru as a treat for his three-year-old son to eat at home a short distance away.

After starting to eat the mini chicken fillet burger the child spat the food out,

commenting that “it tasted funny”.

The child’s parents reported the matter to Cheshire West and Chester Council Food Safety, who sent the item for analysis by the Public Analyst who found conclusively that part of the burger had not been adequately cooked.

Food Safety Inspectors subsequently conducted an inspection of the KFC premises and gathered items of food safety documentation such as temperature and defrost control records.

They found evidence to suggest that in some instances chicken was being under-defrosted and that additional items were added to the defrosting cabinet during a defrosting cycle.

The company accepted that this was a serious incident, to which they reacted promptly, conducting their own internal investigation and undertaking a thorough review of procedures, recognising that fortunately on this occasion there was no harm caused as the child who ate the chicken spat it out.

The company was fined £500 and ordered to pay £2500 towards the council’s costs and a victim surcharge of £50.