The problem may be at home — bomb at meat plant edition

Meatingplace reported a homemade bomb found in an employee locker at a Hormel plant in Fremont, Neb., was removed and diffused on Monday, according to the Nebraska State Patrol.

My Dr. Oz friend and public health sanitarian consultant, Roy Costa, wrote to say that most food facilities practice some type of security in their food operations, but it is most likely a well developed program when facilities are under third party audit criteria. The voluntary requirements for food security are standardized across the industry and include barrier protection to the premises (fencing) secured entries, documented visitor logs, identification badges for employees, and some type of visitor identification. Incoming goods and outgoing goods must be under protection from malicious contamination in secured areas. Training is required in food security for both management and employees.

Roy says that when near events like this occur, it becomes clear that the internal saboteur and not the external saboteur is usually the problem. Whether it be bombs, fires, poisonous substances, or pranks, the perpetrator is almost always an employee.