UK woman killed by campylobacter

A woman from York has died from food poisoning after doctors battled in vain to save her life.

Retired bank clerk Lynn Welsh, 57, fell ill with sickness and diarrhea over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Her husband Mike said today they thought at first it was just a run-of-the-mill stomach upset and waited for it to run its course.

But over the following few days, Lynn felt no better and went to see her doctor, who arranged for tests to be carried out.

The results came back showing she was suffering from food poisoning, probably caused by chicken, and she was prescribed antibiotics.

But a fortnight ago, her condition worsened. Mr Welsh called 999 and she was taken by ambulance to A&E at York Hospital.

Doctors there said her kidneys had failed because of the bug, and she was placed in intensive care and given dialysis.

However, over subsequent days, her other organs began to fail, and she died on Thursday, September 16.

An inquest into her death opened yesterday and was adjourned.