3 dead in German E. coli outbreak; more than 400 sick

The food safety news from Germany continues to be disturbing. Below is a translation of a German article, so excuse any inaccuracies.

The killer germ called EHEC now appeared three lives: In Lower Saxony (Diepholz) passed away a woman (83). She was admitted nine days ago because of bloody diarrhea hospitalized and treated in hospital. The laboratory evidence of EHEC infection was positive. The woman died on Saturday. Investigations by the health department in the immediate death Diepholz also ongoing.

Meanwhile it was announced that a woman possibly died (25) to EHEC in Bremen. The young woman had shown the symptoms of EHEC pathogen, such as the Bremen health authority said. The EHEC pathogens had not been demonstrated so laboratory diagnosis. In Schleswig-Holstein, died in a 80-year-old woman infected. Whether the pathogen was the cause of death is still unclear.

In their search for the source of the infections with the dangerous intestinal bacteria EHEC is making the Frankfurt FDA. All 19 previously in the Main metropolis ill have eaten in the same canteen, a Frankfurt-based consultancy, said Bellinger Oswald from the Health Department. Two canteens of PWC Consulting had been closed on Monday as a precaution.

The fault is probably a loaded delivery to the canteen: "We assume that the source of infection is located in Northern Germany," said Bellinger. Currently, experts evaluated the delivery notes of the two affected canteens. "We still believe that the transfer has taken place through raw food." Safety reasons are investigated and the kitchen staff, results of samples are expected by the end of the week. As long as the canteens were closed.

More than 40 of these patients also suffered under the hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS), which is caused by the intestinal bacteria.