’What do you expect in a hotel full of 400 people;’ holiday from hell for UK couple

It’s becoming a standard headline out of the U.K. – folks trying to leave the dreariness of England and end up barfing at some Mediterranean resort.

The North-West Evening Mail reports that Tony and Linda Kneale are among 28 holidaymakers from the UK involved in legal action against Thomson over claims it failed to protect tourists from illness at the Los Gigantes Hotel in Tenerife.

The couple, of Jesmond Avenue, Barrow, had spent over £1,800 for a fortnight at the ‘Gold’ status hotel.

But their dream break became a holiday from hell when, on arrival, they received a factsheet saying there was a norovirus outbreak.

61-year-old Mrs Kneale spent two days confined to her bed, and lost around half a stone. She became so weak she could barely walk further than her hotel room.

Mrs Kneale, who, along with her husband had been keen to get away after missing out on a holiday last year when she lost her mother, said: “ I had absolutely no appetite and I had a fever. It’s a nasty bug. …

“When I first got the virus, the travel rep said: ‘What do you expect in a hotel full of 400 people?’ They were defensive about it, almost blasé about it.”