Adventures in customer service: UK man who found tooth in yogurt refunded $1.05

A UK man who found a tooth – complete with fillings – in a tub of supermarket brand yogurt was given a 68p (US$1.05) refund when he took it back to the store to complain.

David Casey, from Bedworth, about 163km northwest of London, said he bit down on what he thought was a piece of fudge in the Tesco’s Devonshire-style fudge yogurt, only to find it was a tooth.

Angered by the unappetizing discovery – a picture of which was published by the Coventry Telegraph yesterday (right) – he drove to the store where he bought the product to complain, and was given a refund.

"They’ve said sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s not inconvenient – it’s disgusting," said Casey, a 43-year-old former corporal in the Royal Infantry who is currently having treatment for a tumor in his stomach.

"I could have someone’s scabby tooth in my stomach right now and that would not have been nice."

Since his complaint the supermarket giant has twice sent Casey a £15 Tesco voucher – which he has returned both times labeling it an "insult" after the company’s report into the matter suggested there was a chance it could have been his tooth.

"I’m furious, you don’t expect to be treated like this," Casey said.

A Tesco spokesman said, "We take matters of this kind very seriously and we are looking into it."