I didn’t even know the kid was in Ohio: Local man reports finding tooth in Captain D’s meal

A Newark, Ohio man’s complaint on social media of a tooth found in a Captain D’s chicken tenders meal has triggered investigations by the Licking County Health Department, the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the United States Department of Agriculture.

It has also resulted in the restaurant chain making a donation to Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio, at the request of Nick Bryner, the customer who discovered the tooth.

Bryner said he ordered the meal at the drive-through window at the Captain D’s restaurant, 1215 N. 21st St., in Newark, on Saturday and made the discovery while eating at work. He returned to the restaurant and showed them the tooth.

“I got a refund, and corporate is taking care of it,” Bryner told Kent Mallett of the Newark Advocate. “They said it’s probably the weirdest thing that’s ever happened. I’m satisfied with what they’re doing. They’re making a donation to Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio, in my name. They really helped me when our twins were born.

“I said I could take you guys to the cleaners if I wanted to, but I’m not that kind of guy.”

The Licking County Health Department inspected the Captain D’s restaurant, in Newark, on Monday, after learning of the complaint on social media.

The chicken tenders served at the local Captain D’s are made and frozen at another location, then shipped to the Newark restaurant, where they are deep-fried before serving, the health department reported.

Captain D’s corporate office released the following statement: “Our quality control procedures and food safety standards are our highest priority. We have been in contact with the guest and reassured them that this incident is atypical for Captain D’s and in particular for this Newark location that consistently exceeds our company’s food safety standards.

“As standard procedure with any consumer complaint, the health department has followed up with a visit to this restaurant and the store continues to remain within Captain D’s high safety standards.  We remain committed to providing our guests with the highest quality products and require all suppliers to undergo strict food safety certification. “

The health department contacted the Ohio Department of Agriculture to investigate the complaint at the wholesale level, or refer it to the Food and Drug Administration.

Ashley McDonald, spokeswoman for the ODA, said, “It is a supplier from out of state, so we will be forwarding it to the USDA.”

McDonald said the supplier is McLane, from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The distributor shipped the food from 721 Taylor Road, in Frankfort, Kentucky.

(left, Sorenne, Friday after school)

McLovin (not): McDonald’s customer finds human teeth in her food in Japan

A customer who bought a Big Mac meal in Japan was shocked to discover a human tooth in the fries – in the latest food safety scandal that has led to plummeting sales in the country this year. 

mclovinJapanese officials apologized to the customer for the incident, which occurred in August last year, and said none of the employees at the branch in question had lost a tooth.

They added there were no signs the tooth had been fried – and said they are investigating how it came to be in the fries.

Senior executive Takehiko Aoki said: ‘To make such cases zero is our goal. We are doing our utmost to tackle them, one by one.’

He added: ‘I will eat McNuggets. I will feed McNuggets to my children. I have no doubts.’

McDonald’s is extremely popular in Japan with more than 3,000 restaurants. 

But a series of recent scares, including customers finding fillings and plastic in chicken nuggets, has led to the company reporting its first annual operating loss in Japan.

Sales for January fell by a record 39%, and over the course of 2014, losses totaled 6.7billion yen – or $57 million. This is compared with an operating profit of 11.5billion yen a year earlier.

Human tooth found in Chinese takeaway in Ireland

A dirty fingernail in baby food and a human tooth in a Chinese takeaway are just some of the foreign objects found in food purchased by Irish consumers last year.

According to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), the contamination of food with foreign objects was ‘frequently reported by consumers’. These objects included metal fragments, glass fragments and plastic.

However, some of the more unusual items, aside from the fingernail and human tooth, were meat inside a chocolate yoghurt, a chicken’s head inside a pack of frozen chicken’s 3dnailart03wings and live insects in a packet of dates.

The FSAI pointed out that the number of food-related complaints made to its food safety advice line jumped by more than 12% last year compared to the year before.

It noted that the line dealt with over 13,000 queries in 2013, but almost 3,000 of these were complaints by consumers about food or food premises – a 12.5% increase on the number of complaints handled in 2012.

Of these complaints, almost 1,200 related to unfit food, 566 related to suspect food poisoning and 587 related to hygiene standards.

All complaints received were investigated by environmental health officers.

Meanwhile other calls to the advice line included requests for information on food labeling, food legislation and training staff.

The FSAI also noted that just 33 calls in 2013 related to the horsemeat scandal, however an alert issued about a hepatitis A outbreak associated with imported frozen berries, received 267 queries.

“It is the responsibility of food businesses across the country to ensure that they provide food which does not compromise the health of anyone who eats it,” commented Edel Smyth of the FSAI.

Tooth in chips; NZ woman nearly barfs

A Dunedin woman having a bite to eat at her parent’s house says she nearly threw up when her chips bit back.

The woman was munching her way through the crumbs at the bottom of a packet of Eta Ripple-cut spring onion-flavoured potato chips when she bit down on something hard.

Thinking it was a chip, she bit down harder.

As she told The New Zealand Herald, “When I couldn’t crunch it, I spat it out and saw it was tooth. I thought it was one of my teeth so I looked in the mirror, but it wasn’t one of my teeth and I felt a bit queasy.”

The 22-year-old woman, who did not want to be identified, said the experience had left her feeling “a bit sick” and had put her off chips for a while.

Her mother said the partial tooth appeared to be from an adult molar.

A spokesman for manufacturer Griffins said yesterday the woman should contact the company.

The woman said yesterday she was still not sure if she would lodge a complaint.

Adventures in customer service: UK man who found tooth in yogurt refunded $1.05

A UK man who found a tooth – complete with fillings – in a tub of supermarket brand yogurt was given a 68p (US$1.05) refund when he took it back to the store to complain.

David Casey, from Bedworth, about 163km northwest of London, said he bit down on what he thought was a piece of fudge in the Tesco’s Devonshire-style fudge yogurt, only to find it was a tooth.

Angered by the unappetizing discovery – a picture of which was published by the Coventry Telegraph yesterday (right) – he drove to the store where he bought the product to complain, and was given a refund.

"They’ve said sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s not inconvenient – it’s disgusting," said Casey, a 43-year-old former corporal in the Royal Infantry who is currently having treatment for a tumor in his stomach.

"I could have someone’s scabby tooth in my stomach right now and that would not have been nice."

Since his complaint the supermarket giant has twice sent Casey a £15 Tesco voucher – which he has returned both times labeling it an "insult" after the company’s report into the matter suggested there was a chance it could have been his tooth.

"I’m furious, you don’t expect to be treated like this," Casey said.

A Tesco spokesman said, "We take matters of this kind very seriously and we are looking into it."

Human tooth found in hamburger in France

A human tooth was found in a burger made by Bigard in Quimperlé, sold by a supermarket in Angers, France.

Nathalie Dayiot discovered the tooth crown was in a burger prepared by a friend at his home in Angers. He bought it in trays guaranteed "100% muscle" in the Grand Carrefour Maine Angers. "I felt something hard, says the young woman. I spit. It was a tooth on a pivot."

Romuald Gross, who made the purchase, has every intention to complain to the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud.

The hamburgers were manufactured at Bigard in Quimperlé. The consumer advocate, Mr. Julien Roulleau, said two of the four who had attended the lunch were victims of food poisoning recorded this morning by their doctor, following the consumption of hamburgers. "The remaining burgers were seized by the DGCCRF. Beyond the problem of the tooth, it is important to know if the lot was consumed," said Me Roulleau.

Carrefour’s management promised an internal investigation and states that "the traceability of the product was traced back to the supplier concerned and to the manufacturing site."