7 million hits on Australian state Name & Shame register

The New South Wales Food Authority has announced the popular Name and Shame register which publicly names businesses that fail to meet food safety standards has received more than 7 million hits online.

“This sends a clear message to food businesses that consumers expect high standards and are scanning the list of restaurants and other food outlets name.shame.restbefore deciding where to dine out,” said Katrina Hodgkinson NSW Minister for Primary Industries.

“A penalty notice on the register not only acts as a potential deterrent to would be diners it also serves as a deterrent to food businesses against making food safety breaches.”

There were almost 1.25 million views on the Name and Shame register in 2012 alone and more than 7.1 million since the register was established in 2008.

The most common food safety breaches under the Food Act 2003 are;

Cleaning and sanitation (35%)

Temperature control (13%)

Pest control – infestations, droppings (13%)

Hand washing offences (13%)

Protection from contamination – storage, personal hygiene (11%)

“The number of food businesses appearing on the register has almost halved in 3 years which shows the campaign is having the desired effect with more food outlets adhering to the rules,” Ms Hodgkinson said.

To view the Name and Shame register visit: www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/penalty-notices.