‘I slaughtered this horse last Tues. I’m afraid she’s starting to turn;’ horse meat triggers more recalls

Tesco and discount chain Aldi revealed they have withdrawn a range of ready meals produced by French food supplier Comigel following horse.meat.09concerns over contamination of products with horsemeat.

The moves are part of a growing horsemeat scandal in Europe.

Down the road in the Gold Coast, Australia, a Perth butcher has confirmed horse meat is being supplied to some restaurants but has refused to reveal exactly who was selling the controversial dish.
Owner of Mondo Di Carne butchers, Vince Garreffa, told the Bulletin he had customers on the Coast and did not understand what the fuss was about.

“I don’t understand all the attention this is getting and we will not be making any more statements,” he said.

Mr Garreffa, who is the only butcher in Australia licensed to sell horse meat for human consumption, also refused to name the restaurants he was supplying due to the controversy it often caused.

The dish is rarely advertised by restaurants or published on menus due to fears of a backlash.

Horse has long been eaten in some European and Asian cultures but is met with controversy in Australia and other western countries.