‘My family could have died’ Gold Coast man realizes his half-eaten McDonald’s chicken burger is raw after stopping to look at the pink and slimy meat

I always prefer the data of a thermometer, but yeah, this looks raw.

Gold Coast, Australia man has been left outraged after biting into a McDonald’s chicken burger only to find it was still raw half way through eating it.

Joseph Kim took to Facebook on Saturday to share photos of the uncooked burger which he claims could’ve potentially harmed him and his whole family.

Mr Kim said his daughter and wife had delivered his meal to his job after picking up lunch for their family at McDonald’s in Upper Coomera.

At first glance, he noticed his Chicken Crispy Clubhouse burger hadn’t been assembled properly, but didn’t think anything of it.   

Mr Kim proceeded to ‘dive’ right into his meal, getting half way through his burger before making the stomach-churning discovery

In a statement to the Gold Coast Bulletin, a McDonald’s spokesperson said they were ‘disappointed’ over the incident, while adding: ‘We take food safety very seriously and have strict processes and systems in place.’

Anti-vaxxers, organic all the same in Australia; scammed school into screening BS film

Anti-vaxxers have allegedly scammed their way into a Gold Coast school under the pretence of holding a seminar about organic vegetables.

But what Miami State School students got was something very different.

The anti-vaxxers instead screened a film about their unfounded beliefs that there is a link between autism and childhood vaccinations.

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is demanding answers as to how the documentary came to be shown at the school on Tuesday night after organisers told school officials they were running a seminar on organic vegetables.

She said the organisation made “misrepresentations” to the school, and she would be speaking with Education Minister Kate Jones on Wednesday to get to the bottom of the matter.

“My initial advice is there has been some misrepresentation from that organisation to the school in question where they conveyed to the principal that they were to be conveying information about organic produce,” the premier told reporters on the Gold Coast on Wednesday.

“I don’t think they were very clear in their purpose and I don’t think they should have been allowed to present in such a manner.”

The organisers of the film have previously gone to extreme lengths to keep the location of screenings a secret in an effort to keep them from being shut down, amid strong opposition from Australian health professionals.

Maybe the Australian government and public should apply similar critical faculties to anyone claiming to purport the benefits of organic production.

44 sickened: It was the eggs, again, in Australia, tea towels not suitable for draining excess moisture

Fuck me.

Grocer-Grind-Bacon-Eggs-Benny-640x423I give up.

How hopeless are Australians when it comes to making people barf with raw or undercooked eggs?

According to Greg Stolz of The Courier-Mail, a top Gold Coast cafe has pleaded guilty to putting more than 20 customers in hospital with salmonella poisoning, most after eating contaminated eggs benedict (right, exactly as shown, with a serving of sprouts).

Gold Coast Hospital had to open a special ward to cope with the mass outbreak, Southport Magistrates Court heard.

A total of 44 diners became ill after eating at the Grocer and Grind cafe at Broadbeach Waters in March last year, the court was told.

Thirty had laboratory-confirmed salmonella poisoning while another 14 also reported being ill.

Twenty-two customers were hospitalised with symptoms including nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting, fever, blood in their stools and diarrhea.

The court heard poor food handling practices, including “temperature abuse” and using a tea towel to drain moisture from eggs used to make hollandaise sauce, was to blame for the outbreak.

Grocer and Grind had been issued an official warning about poor hygiene including dirty tea towels four months before the outbreak, the court heard.

Grocer and Grind and its owner Taletha March pleaded guilty to two charges, brought by Queensland Health, of selling unsafe food.

The cafe and Ms March face maximum fines of more than $330,000.

The hearing is continuing.

A selection of egg-related outbreaks in Australia can be found here.


Surf, sun and hockey in the Gold Coast: Chinese restaurant serves up menu of monstrosities

We travelled to the Gold Coast yesterday afternoon for a friendly game with our colleagues by the beach (that’s the Dalgity, brothers, right, celebrating victory).

dalgity.hockey.apr.15Afterwards, a bunch of the families went to a restaurant, but it was not Top One Chinese seafood restaurant which plead guilty in Southport Magistrates Court to breaches of the Food Act after Gold Coast City Council health inspectors found severe shortcomings in food standards.

Raw meat covered with a tablecloth, dirty containers and kitchen bowls ready for use, opened bags of peanuts containing rodent droppings and live and dead cockroaches on the floor were all catalogued by inspectors as the restaurant was slapped with a breach notice for an “unsatisfactory standard of cleanliness”.

Inspectors also noted cockroach body parts, food with no lids and crabmeat stored in uncovered and dirty containers.

221430-953b0b0e-df55-11e4-b60a-424ceb2f883cThe restaurant had also been given four improvement notices over the previous five years.

Representing Top One and licensee Ricky Kwok Fai Wong, lawyer Mark Fitz-Walter said the restaurant’s managers had already taken steps to ensure there were no further breaches, including hiring a health consultant.

Magistrate Dermot Kehoe fined the restaurant $22,500, plus costs.

Australia: The Hub at Varsity fined record $29,000 after council inspectors find cockroaches and filth

One of the city’s most popular drinking and dining hangouts for university students has been slugged with a huge court fine after council inspectors found cockroaches and a filthy kitchen.

The Hub - Other - Gold Coast_originalThe Hub at Varsity Lakes has been fined more than $29,000 after the Gold Coast City Council lodged a complaint in the Southport Magistrates Court.

The court was told a council environmental health officer visited the restaurant on September 11 and identified several breaches of the Food Standards Code.

The officer found poor hygiene with workers not provided with soap and hand towels, unclean contact equipment and a build-up of food waste along with cockroaches inside the premises.

Council health officers noted the restaurant had a “history of contraventions” since April last year, and those poor standards continued after the September inspection.

A hearing before Magistrate Catherine Pirie this month was adjourned after the owner for the restaurant failed to appear.

Despite being advised by the court, neither management nor sole owner, Courtney Tennyson Bell, appeared at a second hearing last Friday.

Ms Pirie found The Hub guilty of failure to comply with the Food Standard Code and fined the restaurant $15,500 and included an order to pay court and professional costs.

Ms Bell was found guilty under executive officer liability where she failed to take reasonable steps to ensure the restaurant met the code. She was fined $13,500 and also ordered to pay costs.

Australian family find mouse in rice paper roll, welcome police involvement

The family of a woman who says she bit into a dead mouse in a rice paper roll bought at a supermarket say they welcome police involvement because it will prove their innocence.

mouse.rice.paper.roll.dec.14Emilie Petrusic, daughter of Irena Petrusic who got the shock of her life when she found the rodent in the snack bought at Woolworths Broadbeach on Sunday, said the investigation should be treated as a police case because it was serious.

Woolworths and Gold Coast Health have been liaising with police on the matter, which came after Ms Petrusic and her daughter reported the incident to the store immediately.

Gold Coast Health still remain the chief investigators because nothing criminal has been found and no formal complaint made.

A statement by Woolworths on Monday said the mouse entered the product after it left the store, even though that is yet to be confirmed.

Health unit head Dr Paul Van Buynder said their investigation was now focused on how the rodent could have ended up in the roll, with tests taking place on the product in Brisbane.

“What we’re hoping to get from that is does it show signs of being cut up in preparation,” he said.

“This is fresh product so to add something in is really difficult.

“We’re still completing a review of the ingredients — could the mouse have come in with the sliced carrot. We’re making sure it’s not possible to crush a rodent and send it in with the lettuce leaves used.”

Dr Van Buynder said they did not believe there was a problem with the way the food was prepared in store and that was why it was still open.

The investigation was now focused on how the rodent could have ended up in the roll, with tests taking place on the product in Brisbane.

Emilie said they did not care if people did not believe them because those who knew them knew had what happened.

“I don’t know what sick person would do that,” she said.

“A police investigation needs to be done. It’s just like a murder case. If it was a murder case, police would take fingerprints and there’s so much evidence.

“It’s just sad what Woolworths have said, how they’ve gone about it. They’re trying to save themselves.”

A Woolworths spokesman said the company took food safety extremely seriously and the store had been given the all clear to continue making and selling sushi products.

Fancy food ain’t safe food: Gold Coast (BrisVegas) edition

One of the Gold Coast’s most long standing restaurants, Saks Restaurant and Bar, has closed its doors for good.

imagesThe up-market eatery, which once hosted stars like actor Matthew McConaughey and was a meeting place for the city’s who’s who, shut after a failed inspection by council officers and a $15,000 fine.

Saks’ fall from grace began about 12 months ago when council inspectors found uncovered seafood and kitchen surfaces covered in grease, grime, dirt and mould during three separate inspections.

Even more shocking was the discovery of 15 cockroaches under the refrigerated pizza unit, the washing up sink and the dry storage area.

The owners were forced to spend more than $55,000 on cleaning and structural changes and they took the extra step of firing the head chef and manager.

The restaurant was given the all clear in April.

But a single dead cockroach was found during a surprise inspection last month — triggering the court action by council.

Saks Restaurant and Bar owners in Australia assure public the food is safe after cockroaches in kitchen fail

Saks Restaurant and Bar at Marina Mirage owners were forced to spend more than $55,000 on cleaning and structural changes after Gold Coast City Council food safety officers busted them for failing several inspections last year.

Saks-Restaurant-BarInspectors discovered dead and live cockroaches in the commercial kitchen, uncovered seafood and surfaces covered in grease, grime, dirt and mould on three separate inspections in September 2013.

Council solicitor Nick Hatcher yesterday told the Southport Magistrates Court 15 cockroaches had been found under the refrigerated pizza unit, near the pizza oven, at the washing up sink and in the dry storage area.

He said the restaurant had been given a clean bill of health in April this year but a single dead cockroach was found during a surprise inspection last week.

Saks pleaded guilty through lawyer Michael McMillan to one count of failing to comply with a requirement imposed by the Food Standards Code.

Mr McMillan said his clients took over the business a year ago but were “just accountants” who had little experience in the hospitality industry and were “not up to speed”.

The council asked for fines up to $25,000 while Mr McMillan said a lesser fine of up to $15,000 was more fitting as the business had no previous breaches and had already suffered adverse publicity this week.

“They take a lot of pride in what they do and they are very upset about how this negative publicity will affect them,” he said.

He said the owners wanted to reassure customers that the restaurant was now fully compliant.

“Saks is open for business and people can be assured that all the food stuff they eat there are safe and staff are doing all they can to make customers’ happy,” he said.

But Magistrate Ron Kilner expressed disgust at the owners slow compliance with council orders. “Members of the public were put at risk of salmonella poisoning … due to the poor hygiene at the restaurant,” he said.

“The fact of the matter is, they didn’t shut the doors — they kept the restaurant open for business, presumably making money while not complying.

$20,000 fine for Gold Coast eatery after health inspectors find roach ridden kitchen

With temperatures heading to 95F (35C), Sorenne is off to the beach today with a friend, before hockey (the ice kind) later this afternoon. I told this to daughter Braunwynn yesterday, who is ordering boat drinks in the 16F (-9C) London, Ontario, and she told me to go f*** myself.

They grow up so fast.

The Sai Tandoori Indian restaurant in up-market Main Beach was first slapped with a clean-up compliance order in March last year after a The Sai Tandoori Indian restaurantroutine inspection from Gold Coast City Council health inspectors uncovered grease, grime and cockroach remains in the food preparation area.

When they came back on July 3, the problem was worse.

A surprise inspection a week later led to owner Sandeep Kumar Soni being charged with two counts of breaching basic food standards under the Food Act.

Photographs were tendered in the Southport Magistrates Court Friday showing live and dead cockroaches littering the restaurant’s kitchen floor, storage areas and above the stovetop, where food was cooking in uncovered pots.

Prosecutor Nick Hatcher, for the council, said when inspectors shifted the deep freezer unit they found a nest of cockroach eggs and numerous live cockroaches.

They also found food waste, grime, grease and dust encrusted on cooking equipment and on the handwashing station, and human hair in the cutlery storage area.

However Mr Hatcher said the restaurant had since been given a clean bill of health.

Magistrate Paul Johnstone ordered him to pay a $20,000 fine, $1500 in professional costs and $83.90 in court costs.

Make it mandatory; Brisbane voluntary restaurant star system sorta dumb

The Gold Coast is a tourism mecca for the Australian state government of Queensland, but the locals aren’t so impressed.

The beaches are awesome, but tacky development and the influence of the underworld undermine claims to tourism credibility.

So do some of the restaurants.

Paul Weston writes that some of the Gold Coast’s best and award-winning restaurants have been hit with the biggest fines following inspections by eat.safe.brisbaneGold Coast City Council environmental health officers.

A Bulletin investigation has uncovered details of 35 restaurants prosecuted in the first five months of this year, along with 93 businesses in 2012.

A Right to Information investigation has revealed the names of the four restaurants which sparked the major prosecutions along with repeat offenders.

The biggest fines were given to Lemongrass Thai (Main Beach), Eddie’s Crazy Fish Sushi Bar (Southport), India@Q Restaurant (Mermaid Waters) and Good Choice Restaurant (Helensvale).

Legal action in the Southport Magistrate’s Court for breaches like filthy work conditions and poor hygiene led to the restaurants being fined almost $50,000.

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant won the Best Thai in the Queensland Restaurant and Catering Awards in 2006 and was a People’s Choice winner at a Gold Coast magazine awards a year earlier.

The other restaurants have been applauded by several reviewers on tourism websites..

The findings come after a public backlash where diners demanded greater transparency from Gold Coast City Council, which refused to release details of prosecuted businesses.

Queensland Health is reviewing the system and pressure is building for all councils to follow Brisbane and introduce an Eat Safe rating system.

But that system is voluntary and completely ineffectual. Having other areas follow a flawed system is not going to do anything to boost tourist confidence.