$20,000 fine for Gold Coast eatery after health inspectors find roach ridden kitchen

With temperatures heading to 95F (35C), Sorenne is off to the beach today with a friend, before hockey (the ice kind) later this afternoon. I told this to daughter Braunwynn yesterday, who is ordering boat drinks in the 16F (-9C) London, Ontario, and she told me to go f*** myself.

They grow up so fast.

The Sai Tandoori Indian restaurant in up-market Main Beach was first slapped with a clean-up compliance order in March last year after a The Sai Tandoori Indian restaurantroutine inspection from Gold Coast City Council health inspectors uncovered grease, grime and cockroach remains in the food preparation area.

When they came back on July 3, the problem was worse.

A surprise inspection a week later led to owner Sandeep Kumar Soni being charged with two counts of breaching basic food standards under the Food Act.

Photographs were tendered in the Southport Magistrates Court Friday showing live and dead cockroaches littering the restaurant’s kitchen floor, storage areas and above the stovetop, where food was cooking in uncovered pots.

Prosecutor Nick Hatcher, for the council, said when inspectors shifted the deep freezer unit they found a nest of cockroach eggs and numerous live cockroaches.

They also found food waste, grime, grease and dust encrusted on cooking equipment and on the handwashing station, and human hair in the cutlery storage area.

However Mr Hatcher said the restaurant had since been given a clean bill of health.

Magistrate Paul Johnstone ordered him to pay a $20,000 fine, $1500 in professional costs and $83.90 in court costs.