‘I don’t want to be on TV’ Florida: restaurant owner after closure

As 10 News walked into China Gate, 12049 Anderson Road, Tampa, there was an apparent employee “lifting weights” instead of cooking in the kitchen. This, just a week after health inspectors found a long list of health code violations while investigating a possible case of food poisoning. Two customers filed a complaint describing abdominal cramps, nausea and other symptoms hours after ordering chicken with pork fried rice.

“I heard there was bugs, a lot of bugs so to me that is enough to keep me away or like never go back,” said former customer Briana Sagardia.

And she’s not far off. State inspection reports show a history of bug issues. The restaurant shut down July 29 as an emergency closure with 31 violations including 50 live roaches that scattered throughout the kitchen when the inspector reported lifting a cardboard box. There were also temperature violations on the egg rolls, pork and chicken nuggets found between 72 to 77 degrees and no soap for employees to wash their hands, all health code violations that could lead to customers getting sick.