There’s Bacillus on Mars (Chocolate Drinks)

The UK Food Standards Agency has been informed by Mars Chocolate Drinks that it is recalling certain date codes of its milk drinks. This is because they contain elevated levels of a type of bacteria known as Bacillus, which can cause food poisoning. This means the products are a possible health risk to consumers.

5060122030793_1Bottles of sports-cap drinks and 750ml ‘fridge pack’ milk drinks with a ‘best before’ date between or including 19 December 2014 and 11 April 2015 are being recalled. The names of the recalled products are listed below.

Sports-cap bottles

Mars Milk (350ml, 376 ml)

Starburst Strawberry Drink (350 ml)

Bounty Drink (350ml)

Snickers Shake (350ml, 376 ml)

Skittles Wildberry (376 ml)

Galaxy Smooth Milk (350ml, 376 ml)

Milky Way Milk (350 ml)

Mars Caramel Milk (350ml)

Skittles Fruits (350, 376ml)

750ml ‘fridge pack’ bottles

Mars Milk (750 ml)

Galaxy Smooth Milk (750ml)

Skittles Fruits (750 ml)

People who have bought any of these products should not drink them. They should contact the Mars consumer care team