Hawaiian restaurant cited for removing food safety placard

The state Department of Health has fined the owners of Iyo Udon at Ala Moana Center $11,000 for intentionally removing a “conditional pass” placard and for food safety violations during a health inspection.

hawaii-restaurant-placardyellow*304xx1035-1553-83-0On Aug. 22, the department conducted a health inspection of the restaurant, which is owned by Iyo Seimen USA, Inc., and issued a yellow placard. A yellow placard is issued if there are two or more major violations observed during an inspection.

“Placard removal is a serious violation with substantial consequences because this act intentionally places profit above health and safety and compromises the public’s trust and their right to know when violations occur during an inspection,” said Peter Oshiro, the department’s Sanitation, Food & Drug and Vector Control Branch Manager. “Since the start of the new placarding program, we’ve seen excellent compliance with the food industry; this is our first incident involving tampering with a placard.”