Fancy food ain’t safe food: Gold Coast (BrisVegas) edition

One of the Gold Coast’s most long standing restaurants, Saks Restaurant and Bar, has closed its doors for good.

imagesThe up-market eatery, which once hosted stars like actor Matthew McConaughey and was a meeting place for the city’s who’s who, shut after a failed inspection by council officers and a $15,000 fine.

Saks’ fall from grace began about 12 months ago when council inspectors found uncovered seafood and kitchen surfaces covered in grease, grime, dirt and mould during three separate inspections.

Even more shocking was the discovery of 15 cockroaches under the refrigerated pizza unit, the washing up sink and the dry storage area.

The owners were forced to spend more than $55,000 on cleaning and structural changes and they took the extra step of firing the head chef and manager.

The restaurant was given the all clear in April.

But a single dead cockroach was found during a surprise inspection last month — triggering the court action by council.