Canadian backpacker dies after ‘drinking tea in Peru shaman ceremony that caused her to vomit until she passed out’

A 32-year-old Canadian woman died as she drank tea at a Peru shaman ceremony. 

255C1D4400000578-2941085-image-a-1_1423143920090Jennifer Logan of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was backpacking through the country when she had a fatal medical reaction as she drank tea designed to make people vomit, purge and cleanse the body at a rainforest retreat on January 17.

She had to be taken by motorcycle and then boat to the nearest hospital, but she could not be revived by doctors, who say the woman died of a pulmonary edema.

Amy Logan, the victim’s youngest sister who recently traveled to Peru with her mother to retrieve her sister’s remains, told CBC; ‘We suspect the tea had a role.’

Officers have examined the cup Ms. Logan drank out of and the jug while also conducting interviews with staff  as they investigate the death.

Ms. Logan’s sister explained that the participants at the two week long all-female retreat at the Canto Luz Centre outside Puerto Maldonado were each given tea to drink.

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