Surf, sun and hockey in the Gold Coast: Chinese restaurant serves up menu of monstrosities

We travelled to the Gold Coast yesterday afternoon for a friendly game with our colleagues by the beach (that’s the Dalgity, brothers, right, celebrating victory)., a bunch of the families went to a restaurant, but it was not Top One Chinese seafood restaurant which plead guilty in Southport Magistrates Court to breaches of the Food Act after Gold Coast City Council health inspectors found severe shortcomings in food standards.

Raw meat covered with a tablecloth, dirty containers and kitchen bowls ready for use, opened bags of peanuts containing rodent droppings and live and dead cockroaches on the floor were all catalogued by inspectors as the restaurant was slapped with a breach notice for an “unsatisfactory standard of cleanliness”.

Inspectors also noted cockroach body parts, food with no lids and crabmeat stored in uncovered and dirty containers.

221430-953b0b0e-df55-11e4-b60a-424ceb2f883cThe restaurant had also been given four improvement notices over the previous five years.

Representing Top One and licensee Ricky Kwok Fai Wong, lawyer Mark Fitz-Walter said the restaurant’s managers had already taken steps to ensure there were no further breaches, including hiring a health consultant.

Magistrate Dermot Kehoe fined the restaurant $22,500, plus costs.