Cameras everywhere (and sometimes TMI): Georgia Waffle House employee pleasures himself in restaurant

One man is no longer an employee at a popular chain restaurant in Macon for a sexual act caught on video.

cigar.waffle.austin.powersThe man is out of a job at Waffle House — fired for what can only be described as lewd behavior.

41NBC received video from a concerned citizen where an employee was shown in his Waffle House uniform, pleasuring himself inside the restaurant’s dining area while another employee watched.

41NBC believes the video is too graphic to show. Waffle House took immediate action and they have chosen not to identify the man. We received a statement from Waffle House’s corporate office about the issue. A spokesperson says in part that the issue is disgusting…

“In addition, we are cooperating with local authorities to explore if charges will be brought against this individual.”

Health officials say the act, while unusual, would be treated no differently than blood or other bodily fluid exposure in the restaurant. 

“Basically any general protocol that would follow clean up for wash, rinse, and sanitize would work. You’d want to increase the strength of the sanitizer to the level that it would be a disinfectant,” Donna Cadwell with the Macon-Bibb County Health Department said.