South Carolina Waffle House customer cooks his own meal after finding staff sleeping

At 55, I often doze off.

About 6 years ago, as we drove to Florida, Sorenne said she wanted Waffle House for her birthday.

It was gross, but the kid liked it.

A hungry, slightly inebriated man knew just what to do when he stopped by a South Carolina Waffle House early Thursday only to find the restaurant’s staff snoozing: He cooked up his own meal, snapping selfies along the way.

Alex Bowen said in a Facebook post that he stopped by a Waffle House in West Columbia because he couldn’t sleep.

The restaurant’s employees apparently did not have the same problem.

“I walked back outside to my car to look for employees,” Bowen told WIS. “No one in sight.”

It wasn’t until he walked back inside the restaurant that he noticed an employee snoozing in a corner booth.

“Then it was go time,” Bowen told WIS. “(I) got hot on the grill with a double Texas bacon cheesesteak with extra pickles. When I was done I cleaned the grill, collected my ill-gotten sandwich and rolled out.”

He told WIS that he wouldn’t normally have gotten behind the grill.

“I give all the credit to my old friend vodka,” Bowen said.

Cameras everywhere (and sometimes TMI): Georgia Waffle House employee pleasures himself in restaurant

One man is no longer an employee at a popular chain restaurant in Macon for a sexual act caught on video.

cigar.waffle.austin.powersThe man is out of a job at Waffle House — fired for what can only be described as lewd behavior.

41NBC received video from a concerned citizen where an employee was shown in his Waffle House uniform, pleasuring himself inside the restaurant’s dining area while another employee watched.

41NBC believes the video is too graphic to show. Waffle House took immediate action and they have chosen not to identify the man. We received a statement from Waffle House’s corporate office about the issue. A spokesperson says in part that the issue is disgusting…

“In addition, we are cooperating with local authorities to explore if charges will be brought against this individual.”

Health officials say the act, while unusual, would be treated no differently than blood or other bodily fluid exposure in the restaurant. 

“Basically any general protocol that would follow clean up for wash, rinse, and sanitize would work. You’d want to increase the strength of the sanitizer to the level that it would be a disinfectant,” Donna Cadwell with the Macon-Bibb County Health Department said.


Georgia Waffle House fails second inspection

There was this one time, it was Sorenne’s birthday and we were driving to Florida, so she got to pick where we ate.

waffle.houseIt was a Waffle house.

It was awful.

A Waffle House in Henry County, Georgia, temporarily closed to take care of health code violations after failing a second routine inspection.

Food contact surfaces, as well as floors and walls throughout the facility, needed cleaning, the inspector said. And the dishwasher needed to be repaired.

Among other repeat violations, raw eggs had been out at room temperature for more than four hours, but were placed back into a cooler. The food handler told the inspector she didn’t know they needed to be discarded.

Some food items were stored inappropriately. Raw meat was stored over milk and ready-to-eat foods in one of the coolers.

An employee was using a hand-sink to rinse off cleaning cloths. The sanitizing solution used to wipe down surfaces was too toxic. Too much chlorine could lead to a chemical hazard, the inspector said.

Georgia Waffle House fails restaurant inspection

Food at the Waffle House is gross. But that’s where Sorenne wanted to go for her birthday as we drove to Florida a couple of years ago so we obliged.

cigar.waffle.austin.powersA Peachtree Corners-area Waffle House in Georgia was cited for several violations in a failed health inspection this week.

The Waffle House located at 7044 Jimmy Carter Boulevard drew a failing score of 57 (failing is 69 and below) during a Gwinnett County health inspection on Wednesday, Dec. 17.

The inspector found problems with employee food handling, food storage, black mold in the ice machine and food debris and splatter on ”cleaned” plates, bowls and cups, and near the food prep area.

A follow-up inspection will be held within 10 days.

I was just headed to Buckhead to get some ice cream and ended up on I-75 for Florida.