17 sick from Salmonella at South Australia bakery

Brad Crouch of News reports three people are in hospital and more than a dozen others are sick after 17 confirmed cases of salmonella linked to sandwiches, wraps, rolls and focaccias purchased from the Gawler South Bakery.

The bakery is continuing to trade but has stopped serving several sandwich-type products containing chicken and other fillings, and is co-operating with SA Health investigators.

SA Health officials say the outbreak is a reminder of the importance of safe food handling, adding, “We urge food handlers to follow these four basic food safety tips: cook food thoroughly; clean hands and surfaces that come into contact with food; chill cooked food quickly and keep it cool until eaten; and separate raw and uncooked food from cooked and ready-to-eat products.”

Maybe add, source food from safe sources. The World Health Organization says so, the cook-clean-chill-separate disciples may someday see the light. Until then, just puppets.