Gift theft? Use the poop

KRON reports that a San Francisco mail theft victim is fighting back with cat poop after 50 of her packages were stolen in the past three months–and it only got worse around the holidays.

So, she decided to leave a little surprise for the thieves. The story has now gone viral.

The woman in Noe Valley says her whole block has fallen victim to these package thieves, but she decided to take matters into her own hands and teach these criminals a lesson in karma.

“So, I thought, you know, what I’m going to put this really stinky poop into Amazon boxes, and if they steal it, they deserve it! So, I put six of them, and they were all stolen all between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,” Mail Theft Victim Cameo Wood said.

Six packages were stolen in less than 24 hours in one instance. Her frustration led to the creative comeback.