‘My family could have died’ Gold Coast man realizes his half-eaten McDonald’s chicken burger is raw after stopping to look at the pink and slimy meat

I always prefer the data of a thermometer, but yeah, this looks raw.

Gold Coast, Australia man has been left outraged after biting into a McDonald’s chicken burger only to find it was still raw half way through eating it.

Joseph Kim took to Facebook on Saturday to share photos of the uncooked burger which he claims could’ve potentially harmed him and his whole family.

Mr Kim said his daughter and wife had delivered his meal to his job after picking up lunch for their family at McDonald’s in Upper Coomera.

At first glance, he noticed his Chicken Crispy Clubhouse burger hadn’t been assembled properly, but didn’t think anything of it.   

Mr Kim proceeded to ‘dive’ right into his meal, getting half way through his burger before making the stomach-churning discovery

In a statement to the Gold Coast Bulletin, a McDonald’s spokesperson said they were ‘disappointed’ over the incident, while adding: ‘We take food safety very seriously and have strict processes and systems in place.’