Quiznos boss didn’t know hot water rule for cleaning among restaurant inspections in Montgomery County

Toasted tastes better, but hot water is better for cleaning.

At Quiznos, 560 N. Frederick Avenue, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, WUSA9 reports inspectors caught the store operating with no hot water, which is required to keep food handling safe.

“Just because we didn’t have hot water,” Krina Patel, the store manager, said.

She said the water seemed warm and she was surprised to learn health officials didn’t want her to serve customers.

Patel said the store continued operating despite the potential danger because she didn’t know experts say hot water is a key to preventing food borne illness.

“I didn’t know about that because I just took over the store a few months ago,” she said. “I mean, nobody told me about that.”