Quiznos boss didn’t know hot water rule for cleaning among restaurant inspections in Montgomery County

Toasted tastes better, but hot water is better for cleaning.

At Quiznos, 560 N. Frederick Avenue, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, WUSA9 reports inspectors caught the store operating with no hot water, which is required to keep food handling safe.

“Just because we didn’t have hot water,” Krina Patel, the store manager, said.

She said the water seemed warm and she was surprised to learn health officials didn’t want her to serve customers.

Patel said the store continued operating despite the potential danger because she didn’t know experts say hot water is a key to preventing food borne illness.

“I didn’t know about that because I just took over the store a few months ago,” she said. “I mean, nobody told me about that.”

Toasted tastes better: Salt Lake City Quiznos on hepatitis A alert after sandwich maker tests positive

People who ate a Quiznos at 30 East Broadway (300 South) in Salt Lake City on August 6 or 7 may have been exposed to Hepatitis A via an infected food worker and should receive an injection of immune globulin (IG) or hepatitis A vaccine as soon as possible.

Those individuals may receive a vaccination at
Salt Lake Valley Health Department (SLVHD) City Clinic,
621 South 200 East, on:

* August 19 until 5 p.m.
* August 20 from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
* August 21 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

People who ate at Quiznos at 30 East Broadway (300 South) in Salt Lake City between July 27 and August 5 may also have been exposed but would not benefit from immunizations because immunizations must be given within 14 days of exposure. These people should watch for signs of hepatitis A and contact their health care provider if they develop illness.

Quiznos: Toasted tastes better, especially if the safety were improved

There’s no ice hockey in Manhattan (Kansas) but we do get the NHL channel, and a hockey game can make some fine background while editing.

Saturday nights around 6:45 pm (CST), if I remember, it’s off to Hockey Night in Canada for seven minutes of Don Cherry, the 75-year-old former coach and commentator know for his “outspoken manner, flamboyant dress, and staunch patriotism.”

Cherry also lended his trademark staccato yelling to the Quiznos sandwich chain in Canadian ads, and the “Toasted tastes better” tagline.

So I thought of Don today, as I pined for hockey and read that Quiznos has adopted a new animal-welfare policy regarding its purchases of eggs, pork and turkey, developed in conjunction with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

That’s sweet. I wonder if Quiznos modified its buying patterns after tomatoes on its sandwiches in Rochester, Minnesota, sickened at least 10 people with Salmonella in 2007. Maybe Quiznos modified its policies on raw sewage on the floor in its restaurants after a Chicago outlet was closed in 2008. And maybe Quiznos has instituted sensitivity training for its managers after a Toronto spokesthingy said in response to the Canadian listeria outbreak in deli meats which killed 20 last year that, “People are hypochondriacs.”

This video is aptly titled, Don Cherry is crazy.

Would you like sewage with that? Chicago Quiznos shut down

The Chicago Department of Public Health closed the Quiznos sandwich shop at 1809 N. Harlem, after inspectors found sewage backing up from two drains in the food preparation area.

CDPH was alerted to the situation by a motorist who called 311 last night to allege that Quiznos’ staff was disposing of the sewage by shoveling it out their back door and into an alley. No evidence of that activity was found by CDPH inspectors today.

Quiznos will remain closed until its management has corrected the violation and passed re-inspection.

Representatives of the Quiznos franchise will have to explain themselves at an administrative hearing on April 17 and pay a fine expected to total $750.

Chicagoans who believe that a sandwich shop or other food establishment is operating in an unsafe manner are encouraged to dial 311 and report it.

Salmonella outbreak at Rochester, Minn Quizno’s potentially linked to tomatoes

This week’s iFSN infosheet focuses on more information on last month’s Salmonella outbreak at a Quizno’s that was reported by the Rochester Post-Bulletin this week. 
Health officials believe that produce, and maybe specifically tomatoes are to blame for the 22 illnesses.  They also suggested that the produce was likely contaminated before arriving at the fast-food outlet as staff and patrons (who likely ate the same ingredients) became ill around the same time. This outbreak highlights the need to ask questions about food safety to suppliers, especially around how they handle produce and select the growers they purchase from.

Tomatoes have been linked to Salmonella outbreaks before, click here for a list of past tomato-related outbreaks. 

Click here to download the infosheet

Quiznos toasted tastes better — with salmonella

KTTC TV is reporting that an outbreak of Salmonella that has sickened at least 10 people has forced a Rochester, Minnesota, Quiznos restaurant to temporarily close its doors.

Officials said the bacteria could have come from a contaminated product or possibly from an employee handling the food.

Director of Disease Prevention and Control, Larry Edmondson was quoted as saying,

"As far as I know they are mostly recovering. Nobody to date to my knowledge has been hospitalized which is always good news."

The executive vice president of Quiznos was quoted as saying,

"Quiznos and its franchise are working closely with the Olmsted County Health Department regarding this reported incident. Quiznos is following all procedures as indicated by the health department."

The restaurant has been closed for the last two days while the store is being cleaned.