Operation Hot Water: Hotels in India upset over hygiene raids

The special ‘Operation Hot Water’ drive launched by the Ernakulam district panchayat  and  the health department against eateries and other food outlets has angered the Kerala Hotel and Restaurant Association (KHRA)  which feels they are overstepping their duties.

KHRA state general secretary , Jose Mohan warned  the association would strongly protest the closure of hotels by the civic authorities and the health department, adding, Operation Hot water“They have no legal right to inspect the quality of food served take samples or seize stale food. They can only check the general hygiene of eateries. Going by the provisions of the Food Safety Act, only a qualified food analyst can collect food samples.”

District panchayat president  Eldhose Kunnappally, however justified the drive, saying that Operation Hot Water was essential to curb the possible outbreak of water-borne diseases. “Though the Food Safety Authority alone has the right to check the quality of food served, civic bodies can inspect the sanitation in eateries. … During the raid we found  many hotels and bars e functioning in very poor hygiene conditions.”

Quiznos boss didn’t know hot water rule for cleaning among restaurant inspections in Montgomery County

Toasted tastes better, but hot water is better for cleaning.

At Quiznos, 560 N. Frederick Avenue, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, WUSA9 reports inspectors caught the store operating with no hot water, which is required to keep food handling safe.

“Just because we didn’t have hot water,” Krina Patel, the store manager, said.

She said the water seemed warm and she was surprised to learn health officials didn’t want her to serve customers.

Patel said the store continued operating despite the potential danger because she didn’t know experts say hot water is a key to preventing food borne illness.

“I didn’t know about that because I just took over the store a few months ago,” she said. “I mean, nobody told me about that.”

No hot water, Grand China Restaurant closed

KTNV reports Grand China Restaurant on West Craig near Decatur in North Las Vegas was closed by inspectors after they discovered that the restaurant did not have any running hot water.

It usually takes more than 40 demerits to close a restaurant, but a situation such as this resulted in an automatic shutdown by the Southern Nevada Health District at 35 demerits.

And there were many other problems: a continuous leak from a kitchen sink that needed fixing; hand sinks being used for jobs other than hand washing; uncovered food found double-stacked; prepared food in the walk-in cooler improperly labeled and dated; and a tea bag wrongly attached to the spout of a hot water dispenser.

An inspector found an extremely filthy wok station, a dirty can opener, and an ice cream scoop left on a dirty surface. The floor was very dirty and, when inspectors looked at the ceiling, they found falling tiles due to excess water damage.

Channel 13 stopped by Grand China once the restaurant re-opened for business after re-inspection.

Tricia Kean: You had 35 demerits and a closure because you had no hot water. Is there a manager or owner here that I can talk to?

"No, nobody can talk here."

Chicago’s Wiener’s Circle closed after inspection

A Chicago eatery famous for “its rambunctious late-night crowd and foul-mouthed staff,” was closed after an inspection Thursday.

Wiener’s Circle, an iconic hot dog stand on the North Side, was shut down by the city today after inspectors found several food safety violations, including finding no hot running water at the Lincoln Park restaurant. …

The inspection followed an inspection Dec. 12 after a customer called 311, claiming the restaurant had a rodent infestation. There was no evidence found of rodents, the release stated, but management was ticketed for having an overflowing garbage container.