Georgia Waffle House fails second inspection

There was this one time, it was Sorenne’s birthday and we were driving to Florida, so she got to pick where we ate.

waffle.houseIt was a Waffle house.

It was awful.

A Waffle House in Henry County, Georgia, temporarily closed to take care of health code violations after failing a second routine inspection.

Food contact surfaces, as well as floors and walls throughout the facility, needed cleaning, the inspector said. And the dishwasher needed to be repaired.

Among other repeat violations, raw eggs had been out at room temperature for more than four hours, but were placed back into a cooler. The food handler told the inspector she didn’t know they needed to be discarded.

Some food items were stored inappropriately. Raw meat was stored over milk and ready-to-eat foods in one of the coolers.

An employee was using a hand-sink to rinse off cleaning cloths. The sanitizing solution used to wipe down surfaces was too toxic. Too much chlorine could lead to a chemical hazard, the inspector said.