Like cockroaches? Hit up some Irish businesses

This week’s infosheet is all about pest control in food businesses.  The inspiration for the sheet was a report out of Ireland that some upscale restaurants in a popular Dublin mall were closed due to infestation. 

FSAI chief executive said Dr John O’Brien was quoted as saying "Catering for increased turnover during the Christmas festivities can result in commercial caterers, restaurants and retailers working flat out to meet demands."

Dr. O’Brien goes on to say that pest control and proper storage are especially important around the holidays as special functions may mean large quantities of food are often prepared several hours in advance, increasing pressure on refrigeration storage, meaning procedures should be monitored carefully.

Here’s the infosheet — enjoy the giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches

Fancy food doesn’t mean safe food

Serendipity 3, a famous New York City restaurant which last week unveiled what it called the most expensive dessert in the world, has been shut down by the city Department of Health after a second failed health inspection Wednesday night.

Inspectors found the restaurant

 "crawling with cockroaches, mice and flies. Inspectors spotted a live mouse and mouse droppings in many areas of the restaurant."

One customer was quoted as saying,

"I am in shock. You know a friend of mine from Washington, D.C. asked me to come by to Serendipity especially to pick some coffee up. So I get here, it’s chain and everything and they found a hundred roaches in there."