911 is for medical emergencies, not a screwed up restaurant order

In an act typically associated with angry Florida fast food patrons, a woman in Texas called 911 after paying $1.62 for extra shrimp in her fried rice, and not receiving it, reports MY FOX in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The incident happened at A&D Buffalo’s…Restaurant’ employees said the woman originally left with her order, but came back claiming she did not get her full $1.62 worth of extra shrimp. Since she had already left the building with her food, they refused to give her a refund.

At this point the woman became irate, and called 911, telling the operator,

"I always get the shrimp fried rice, so I said I’m going to get extra meat this time. But he didn’t even put extra shrimp in there."

The woman also told the operator that she demanded either a refund or the additional crustaceans, and that she decided to place the emergency call when she was met with resistance.

Similar incidents have happened far too often. A disgruntled patron called 911 when a fast food joint ran out of lemonade, or chicken nuggets, or someone doesn’t like the way their sandwich or hamburger was prepared.

I wish they’d arrested the shrimp lover, perhaps giving her a lesson in the appropriate times to call 911.