Children abandoned at Kentucky Chuck E. Cheese

People go crazy at them Chuck E. Cheese restaurants.

In 2007 an outbreak of foodborne illness, leading to 4 hospitalizations, was linked to an employee changing the diaper of a diarrhea-stricken toddler in the kitchen of a Maryland Chuck E. Cheese.

WPSD Local 6 reports that now, two women have pleaded guilty to leaving their kids alone at a Chuck E. Cheese in Paducah, Kentucky while they went shopping.

Marilyn Thomas and Kimberly Cali left a 3-year-old and a 9-year-old at Chuck E. Cheese for an hour and a half while they went shopping.

One of the children was Cali’s daughter. The other was her niece. Thomas was the children’s grandmother.

They spent four hours in jail for the crime, and owe $200 in fines and $210 each in court costs.