Crypto spreading in Adelaide swimming pools?

Adelaide Now reports that 28 people carrying cryptosporidium may have infected public pools, but South Australia Health has issued no public warning.

Between January and March, SA Health was notified of 28 cases of cryptosporidium where the person reported swimming at a public pool.

SA Health asked seven swimming centres across the metropolitan area to decontaminate their pools to prevent transmission of the infection.

The Advertiser was alerted to the situation when it obtained a copy of a text message sent to members of the Adelaide Aquatic Centre advising them the pool would be closed for super-chlorination.

Adelaide City Council confirmed the Aquatic Centre was aware an infected person had used the pool.

An SA Health spokesman said, "This is within the normal levels we would expect to see – there has certainly been no spike. If there were large numbers then we would issue a public alert.

"SA Health emphasises the importance of observing hand hygiene and people with diarrhoea not sharing baths or swimming in public pools for 14 days after their symptoms have stopped."

60 sickened, 30 hospitalized with salmonella from custard in South Australia

Someone finally asked, and when South Australia Health said a lot of people were sick from salmonella in custard, it really was a lot.

ABC news (that’s Australian not American) reports at least 60 people have fallen ill, nearly half of them needing to be admitted to hospital.

SA Health’s investigation has linked the infections to Vili’s custard-filled berliner buns and St George Cakes and Gelati’s custard-filled cannolis and eclairs in Adelaide.

Kevin Buckett from SA Health says they expect more test results later in the week, adding,

"We’re continuing to interview the 60 or so people that were notified to us last week and obviously the more we interview the better chance we have to get a good track on what common foods people have eaten."

Cow urine irritates eyes of 50; dairy pavilion closed at Australian fair

The dairy cow pavillion at the Royal Adelaide Show has been closed down after almost 50 people suffered serious eye irritations, with organizers blaming stagnant urine.

St John Ambulance volunteers were called to the Dairy Cattle pavillion about 4pm yesterday after some people reported irritation to their eyes, treating 30 people at the scene, AdelaideNow said.

Last night another 20 people went to the emergency department of the Royal Adelaide Hospital where their eyes were washed.

A spokesman for the Royal Adelaide Hospital said 17 people went to the emergency department overnight with eye irritations and had their eyes flushed.

Show chief executive John Rothwell said it was the first time in the event’s history that such a problem had occurred and its exact cause was unknown.
Health authorities have been to the show grounds to investigate and hope to have some answers by this afternoon.

Australian baker faces fine over rodent trail, Listeria

A bakery owner in Adelaide faces a fine of up to $100,000 after being accused of continuing to sell food despite allegations of having rodents and a potentially deadly bacteria in his kitchen.

Tranh Minh Tran, of Kilburn, yesterday appeared in court charged with failing to comply with 19 conditions of the Australian and New Zealand Food Standard Code at his Woodville bakery.

The Port Adelaide Magistrates Court heard Tran is also facing charges of aggravated assault and carrying an offensive weapon amid allegations he threatened a Department of Health employee at his bakery last month.

The job of food inspector can really suck sometimes.

Adelaide Now reports that in court documents, the Port Adelaide Enfield Council alleges it immediately issued Tran with an order prohibiting him from continuing to sell food, but it was ignored.

It also alleges the inspectors also found rodent droppings and raw chicken stored at unsafe temperatures. Tran is accused of ignoring demands to employ a pest control company to rid the bakery of the rodents.

The council also alleges Tran was officially warned four times to clean his kitchen and comply with the food code, but failed to do so.