United Egg Producers to launch new website

I’m on my way to Toronto, weather permitting, to speak at the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association annual meeting about one of my favorite topics — ever-evolving food safety messages and mediums.

I’ve always been a fan of Marshall McLuhan and read all his stuff 25 years ago. The cameo he did in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, where McLuhan tells some pompous professor that he doesn’t understand his theories at all and is not qualified to teach, is so … apt.

So after 10 years of urging agriculture and food groups, really anyone who wants to get out there — to stop complaining and get out there — they’re starting to do it. The American Meat Institute posted its first youtube video a few months ago.

Now, United Egg Producers is getting ready to launch the new website USA Egg Farmers.

This website, available in February, will allow consumers online access to information about egg production and the UEP Certified animal welfare program, which covers ethics and science-based standards to deliver good hen welfare.

The new website will also include live broadcasts of UEP animal welfare conferences, as well as farm tours and interviews with producers.

Sure, people will take shots at you, but that’s what happens when you stick your head up. Better than bitching in backrooms.