Calgary Wendy’s shut down over health violations

Brisbane is like Calgary, 20 years ago – a cow-town flush with resource money and trying to act sophisticated but still overrun with bogans (fubar).

The Wendy’s on Macleod Trail and 70 Ave. in Calgary was visited by inspectors last Wednesday, who uncovered16 safety violations.

The issues included an employee who didn’t wash their hands while handling raw meat, raw hamburger in a cooler that was too fubarfeat__spanwarm, black mold and water damage in the staff room and grease and oil on the floor.

“The reason that the restaurant has been closed is not because someone has been made ill, it is because we have an older building that requires repairs,” says Lisa Deletroz, spokesperson for Wendy’s Canada. “Part of those repairs involves making it a safer working environment.”

Employees at the affected location have been reassigned and will undergo additional training, and the restaurant will have to be visited by health inspectors again before it can reopen.